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As the name suggests, cutouts are where comb literally has to be cut out of whatever cavity the bees have decided to make their home. Because they have nectar, honey, pollen and brood to protect, the bees are much more aggressive than bees in a swarm. Due to the labor intensive and potentially dangerous process, few beekeepers are willing to do cutouts and typically charge a fee for their services.

If you think you may have honeybees living in your home and would like them removed, I suggest taking the best photos you can of the “bees”. Yellowjackets are often mistaken for honeybees. Yellowjackets require an exterminator… or napalm. Honeybees require a beekeeper. If you are unsure which insect has invaded your middle-Tennessee home, feel free to text me your pictures (615-474-9664). This could save you the $50 initial-assessment fee.

DO NOT SPRAY THE BEES and then call me to come get them. There are tell-tale signs of poisoning. Please don’t put the rest of my bees in jeopardy by contaminating my equipment and sending me home with sick bees.

Cutout Pricing

Initial Assessment: $50
• Confirm you have honeybees
• Use infrared camera to help determine hive location
• Plan and schedule removal procedure

Cutout: $300 for first 2 hours, $100 each additional hour
• I only do cutouts after mid-June. For earlier cutouts, contact Mike Williams at 615-399-9992, Tim Mccandless at 931-777-9637, or Clark Taplin at 615-390-7556.
• I keep the bees, comb and honey.
• I am not a handyman. You are responsible for repairs after bee removal.
• You can help offset your cost by doing some of the prep work
(laying down plastic, moving/covering furniture, etc…). This is optional.
• 99% of the bees will be removed, but there will be a few stragglers. They will die in a few days.


This shows what a large swarm can build in less than a month. It takes 21 days for worker bees to “hatch” from their honeycomb cells. When they do, they leave behind a thin cocoon that gives the wax a brownish color. All of this wax was brand new. The homeowners had been RV’ing for several weeks and discovered this upon their return.