Swarm Catching

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A honeybee swarm is a large group of bees with a queen. The majority of swarms occur between mid-March and the first part of June. Swarms can land in a tree, on a fence post, under a trampoline, on a vehicle or any other location of their choosing. Bees in a swarm are typically docile, because they have neither honey nor brood to protect. Most of the time, swarms can be collected fairly quickly and beekeepers will gladly come get them free of charge. Once a swarm chooses a permanent home… a hollow tree, your house, or some other hard-to-access space, the removal is now considered a cutout.

If you need a swarm removed in the middle Tennessee area, call Ginnie at 615-474-9664. She will come get the bees or find a local beekeeper who can.

Below are some photos of swarms, both once they have clustered and while they are flying.