We will be raising queens again for the 2022 beekeeping season. Only now it will be on a larger scale and shipping will be available. Our inspection with the state apiarist is scheduled for April 13th, after which we’ll be cleared to sell bees. All our bees are from local stock and our queens are open mated. Sweeney Hill Farm’s bees have been kept without the use of chemicals for the past two years, although for the 2022 season some organic miticides may be employed as necessary. We plan on following the protocol outlined here. While nuc production is not our focus this year, some may be available throughout the season.


Virgin queens: $20 (cannot be clipped)
Mated queens: $40 unclipped / $42 clipped
Medium Nuc: $150
Deep Nuc: $215

All queens are marked unless specifically requested unmarked.